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This is going well so far, i think im in chapter 3 of 7 or so. Another one gotten from Newt (thanks again, sir) and pushed by Bish after i said i was getting tired as fuck of the usual fantasy setting, and anted more kung-fu shit like this.


The combat's not tight when it comes to group fights, but the number of varying styles & great names for them makes it work for me. I know i'm prolly saying this coming right off of KOTOR, but Bioware clearly has archetypes: we've a mad scientist, we've a huge murderous but charming bastard not named Wreks, we've a few ladies im clearly trying to woo into bed at some point, etc. The morality system is exactly the same too, just called open palm/closed fist rather than light/sith...honestly, i realize the sidequests are optional, but if i had to call it, id say this really limited system - slightly more fleshed out in Mass Effect, granted - is about the weakest point of the game, i know im reaching back here but this is supposed to be one of the more compelling aspects of WRPGs, and its rather stunting. The topic comes up a bit even in bigger titles like Fallout 3, where i can blow up an entire town and then go give water to bums and everyone eventually knows me as a good guy...im really hoping the genre develops a great deal more here in future installments.


That said, the game's pot (so far) covers a great deal of the fun elements of classic kung-fu flicks, with a great deal of mythology tossed in as well, a lot of which seems to be inspired but written for the game. At first, i was thinking they shouldve gone for more accuracy in the cultural references, but if i wanted that, i suppose id be playing Dynasty Warriors or one of the 3 Kingdoms games - truth is, its pretty well written. The environments seem really well detailed, and certain areas a refreshing amount more colorful than much of what we've seen this gen as well.


I can see why this game didnt have the sales/appeal of its Star Wars cousins, but if you enjoyed those, this one's worth a go as well, especially if - like me - you're eager to try an adventure in a criminally-underused setting that's ripe for good role playing. More to come.

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it is, and unlike KOTOR, it plays flawlessly on BC, which has been great.


i know there's a love/hate thing with its design - ive never gotten that either, unless it goes to shit later. im guessing the combat system's a part of that...it ditches the turn-based elements and becomes straight hack & slash. im likely not hating it so much for leaving it on easy difficulty half the time, which means group fighting isnt nearly as impossible, plus there's the added bonus of feeling like the martial arts badass the game keeps hyping you to be, anyway.

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