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Needs some SoM screenshot help from Hondos


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O.k here's the deal: A friend of mines birthday is right around the corner. One of the things he said he's wanted most in the world is a poster of the end game screen from Secret of Mana. He's got a really nice house with a fireplace it would look awesome on.


Problem: Finding a screenshot of this scene that when blown up into picture form won't look like ass.


Solution: ?


Profit: I owe you one taco.


Since you can't really do a "high resolution" picture of an SNES game I haven't been able to come up with any idea on how to make this poster for him. Once I have the image i can go to any Kinkos and blow it up into a poster.


Prz halp?

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was looking through my drive for you earlier today...trying to remember the exact scene. was it just some nighttime scene with silhouettes of the 3 characters, or wha? thing is, ive got some jpgs but not much that'd look sharp when blown up to be a poster.


you sure its not another RPG that starts with S? cause i got me plenty of Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Super Mario RPG etc

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That is the image! Man if I can get this worked out I owe you many a taco. If you wanna just send it to me you can send it to my username at gmail. You in fact are the man sir. Now to just head down to a poster place and see if we can work some magic on that image.

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