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MLB Spring Training 2010


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I've been getting into the Spring Training this year just for kicks. Too far away to go to the games, but at least I can watch SOME of them on tv, and keep track of the scores on MLB.com


In spring training it's split up into two different Leagues, just like the regular season. However the leagues have different names: The Grapefruit league, and the Cactus league. Also, different: The AL teams play the NL teams, but seemingly not other same league teams (opposite of what happens during a regular season.).


In the Grapefruit league you have:


Florida Marlins (Woohoo!)

Detroit Tigers

Tampa Bay Rays

Toronto Blue Jays

New York Mets

Houston Astros

Atlanta Braves

Boston Red Sox (OH YEAH BABY!)

Philadelphia Phillies

Minnesota Twins

Pittsburgh Pirates

Baltimore Orioles


St. Louis Cardinals

Washington Nationals


...and in the Cactus League you have:


Cleveland Indians

San Fransisco Giants

Colorado Rockies

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox

Kansas City Royals

Oakland Athletics

Seattle Mariners

LA Dodgers

San Diego Padres

Texas Rangers

Milwaukee Brewers

Cincinnati Reds

LA Angels

Arizona Diamondbacks


Now, how are the teams we care about doing? Well let's see.. as of 3/7/10...


The Florida Marlins are 3 - 1, they lost their first game today to the Cardinals. Still, not a bad start (eventhough I need to note here that the W's and L's... L's in particular don't always mean anything big if the team is trying something different or just putting their 3rd stringers in... But over all, it helps.)


The Boston Red Sox are 2 - 2 and as of right now they're beating Baltimore in the 9th inning. Yesterday they won one of their split games, and lost another. (Something else that only occurs during Spring training... Half of a team can be one place playing one opponent, while the other half will play at their "home field" against onther opponent at the same time.)


The Newb Dork Skankees are 1 - 4, losing today 11-0. That makes me feel good inside.


...this just in Red Sox win 5-4 over Baltimore making them 3-2. That's better!


I'll update at least once a week, if not more if I get bored...

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...maaan, when i collected baseball cards as a kid....weren't no Arizona Diamondbacks.

baseball's changed.



...alright, to be fair, there wasnt a marlins team, either. id just root for the braves back then.


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...maaan, when i collected baseball cards as a kid....weren't no Arizona Diamondbacks.

baseball's changed.



...alright, to be fair, there wasnt a marlins team, either. id just root for the braves back then.


Colorado Rockies are pretty new too, as are the Tampa Bay Rays (formerly Devil Rays). The Washington Nationals used to be the Montreal Expos.


...I think that's about it since we were wee ones.

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whoah, when did this happen?


From good ole' Wikipedia:


The Washington Nationals are a professional baseball team based in Washington, D.C. The Nationals are a member of the Eastern Division of the National League of Major League Baseball (MLB). The team moved into the newly-built Nationals Park in 2008, after playing their first three seasons in RFK Stadium. The new park is located in Southeast D.C. near the Anacostia River and with views of the Capitol.[1]


The Nationals name derives from the two former Washington baseball teams which had the same name (used interchangeably with Senators). Their nickname is "the Nats" — a shortened version that was also used by the old D.C. teams.


An expansion franchise, the club was founded in Montreal, Quebec in 1969. The then-Montreal Expos were the first major league team in Canada. They played their home games at Jarry Park Stadium and later in the Olympic Stadium. The Expos had its highest winning percentage in the strike-shortened season of 1994, when it had the best record in baseball. The team's subsequent shedding of players caused fan interest to drop off. After the 2001 season, MLB considered revoking the team's franchise, along with either the Minnesota Twins or the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.[2][3] After being purchased by MLB in 2002, the team was moved before the 2005 season to Washington and renamed the Nationals. This was the first complete name change for a relocating team in MLB since 1972, when the Washington Senators left D.C. to become the Texas Rangers.


The franchise is one of three teams (along with the Rangers and Seattle Mariners) never to have played in a World Series. As the Montreal Expos, the team won a division championship, and advanced to the National League Championship Series in their only playoff appearance during the strike-shortened 1981 season.

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And in today's games:


The Red Sox won against the Cardinals 7-6 bringing them up to 4-2


the Marlins had a split squad today, Beating the aforementioned Washington Nationals 11-2, but losing to the New York Mets 11-2 making them also at 4 wins, 2 losses.

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Today 3/9/2010, The Red Sox played the Marlins at the Marlin's training field in Jupiter. The Red sox won 9-0, sending them to 5-2 and the Marlins now 4-3. Both teams are doing better than the Yankees who are 3-4 and currently struggling against the Pirates who lead them 8-7 at the bottom of the 8th.


Edit: Yankees lose to the Pittsburg Pirates 12-7! LOL!


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Today's scoreboard:


The Red Sox had a tough game against the Rays. Without their best pitchers (as happens in Spring Training) they fell *sigh* 8-6. Putting them at 5-3.


The Marlins kicked Houston's arse 16-4, bringing them up to 5-3.

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Spring Training for today, March 11, 2010:


The Red Sox/Mets game was held on a rain delay for a while, and ended with the Red Sox beating the Mets 8-2. Newcomer to the Red Sox, John Lackey has been doing a great job at pitching, allowing 3 hits in 3 innings this game, but no runs thankfully. Now at 6 - 3.


The Florida Marlins had a great game against the Cardinals until the 9th inning. Up till then they led them 2-0 at the bottom of the 8th, then it all fell apart in the 9th, giving St Louis 5 runs. Final score: Marlins 3, Cardinals 5. Marlins now 5 and 4.


The Houston Astros/Washington Nationals game was rained out, and the Stankees/Braves game has been postponed due to rain (probably chickened out because they're tired of getting their arses kicked time and again).

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Heh, I said I'd do these only once a week... lol.


Well, here it is one week later... Today the Red Sox defeated the Twins 6 - 4 Bringing their Spring total so far to 8 wins, 3 losses just behind the Tampa Bay Rays in the Grapefruit League who are 9 - 3. Yesterday brought a bit of sad news for the Sox. #1 prospect Ryan Westmoreland was sent to Phoenix to have surgery to repair a "cavernous malformation in the brain". Speedy recovery, Ryan!


The Marlins were victorious today as well, beating the New York Mets 5 - 1. In the Standings they're just behind Boston 7-4.


It's been a great week for the Red Sox losing just 1 game and winning 5, and the Marlins had an OK week, losing 3 and winning 4. The Yankees have won 4 and lost 3 putting them at STILL SUCK in the standings with a total of 5 wins, 7 losses.


This message brought to you by Wally the Green Monster, who reminds you: Make the world a better place, punch a Yankee fan in the face!




Reason for Edit (I still don't know how to do this by the way...) My math was a bit off...

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Today's Spring training update:


The Red Sox fell to the Orioles 8 - 4 (now 8w's 4L's) Wakefield pitched 3.2 innings allowing 5 runs. *sigh* Meanwhile there seems to be a "phantom bug" going around the team, and Dice-K had a strained neck yesterday but he will pitch batting Practice on Wednesday, St. Patrick's day. Papelbon pitched one inning allowing 1 run.


The Florida Marlins defeated the Twins 5-4, bringing them to a tie with Boston in the standings, 8 - 4

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stupid Orioles. them and the Padres couldnt win a game for shit in the day, but the few times i went to see Braves games with my old man, they'd somehow come out on top. still not sure how that would happen, it was like their day off or something.

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Yeah every team has their off day where they'll lose to a team they shouldn't. Baltimore's next to bottom of the heap right now, so it was an upset. Wakefield (first pitcher of the game) had an off day I'm guessing. I just hope the team avoids the "mystery bug" that seems to be effecting some of the players, and that Dice-K's neck is ok, and I especially hope Westmoreland's brain surgery goes ok. "cavernous malformation of the brain" just sounds scary, but I guess his surgeon's had great success even with difficult ones.

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Heh, they don't have much meaning, it's true. But it's still kinda fun to watch and you can kinda get an idea of how new/old players will do. Kinda.


That and I'm loving watching the Yankees rack up losses.


Both Boston and Florida will be playing two games at once. The Red Sox are taking on the Astros (I predict win) and the Rays (I'm hoping for win but wouldn't put money on it.) The Marlins are playing The Washington Nationals (I predict win) and the Atlanta Braves (Maybe win, will be close though.)

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Watch em rack up losses all the way to the world series... wait that didn't work... damn lol


lol! Nah, I don't think they're going this year. They lost their MVP Mitsui, Chen Ming Wang (i think that's his name) and Satan Incarnate Johnny Damon. Damon sucked as an outfielder, but he was a good bat. I guess their big ring purchasers were asleep at the wheel this winter. I could be wrong...


Red Sox did much better in the pre-season picking up some good pitching and defense... John Lackey was a great move as was Cameron and Beltre. I'm biased, but I think Boston's chances are better this year. I can't wait for Opening Day against the Yankees. Aarty and I tried to get tickets, but of course it was sold out. eBay was ridiculous as usual, lowest price was $400 a ticket, and from there it went up to $5000 a ticket. Then we checked Stubhub which was much more reasonable... lowest price was $100 a ticket, but with no real income yet still unaffordable. We'll see about some tix against the Yankees later in the season.


For today, so far, Boston lost to the Astros 3-0 (Boston now 8 - 5), the pitchers did ok. Hoping for a win tonight against the Rays...


Marlins lost both games today (now 8 - 6) to the Braves 6-3. and to the Washington Nationals 12-3. The Nationals kicked butt today in both squads, the other against the Cardinals 4-2.


Red Sox lost to the Rays also (8w, 6L)

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Both teams failed to win today. :sad: I watched part of the Red Sox game at Wild Rover Pub in Manchester today. They look good in green!




Unfortunately they fell to the Mets 4-2. Biggest mistake? Using Minor League pitchers in the 8th inning. Otherwise we woulda won. Lackey is really proving himself though, so I'm exited for opening day (just 17 days away folks...)


Marlins? also lost 4-2 against the Braves. Meh... at least the Celtics are doing good so far tonight...


(Both teams now 8-7)

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Man, Boston's having a tough week. Lost to the Pirates 9-7 (Now 8-8) Well, half the crew is back in Boston already, preparing for the big game on April 4th, Opening Day. A very important game against Satan's Team the Yankees.


Florida defeated the Cardinals 7-6 (now 9-7)

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There we go! The Red Sox beat the Orioles today 6 - 0! Wakefield pitched an awesome 5 innings with only 2 hits and no runs scored! The Sox are now 9-8 in the standings.


Florida won today as well, defeating the Washington Nationals 5-3, just ahead of Boston now at 10-8

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btw thanks for the updates, I don't really follow baseball so this keeps me with some idea of whats going on.


Anytime, man...


Well, both teams lost again today. :sad: Papelbon really goofed for the part of the inning he pitched, allowing 5 runs when we had the lead. Pedrioa and Cameron both homered. Hopefully Papelbon steps up his game or they replace him with Embree who just signed a deal for the Sox's minors. (He was one of the 25 that helped break the curse back in '04. Astros took the win today (the game ended an inning early due to rain) 10-7, (The Sox now 9-9)


The Marlins fell to the Nationals today 9-7 (Fla now 10-9, just ahead of Boston in the standings)


I know it's more than half way through the Spring Training, but if anyone wants any other teams tracked, lemme know.

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