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I haven't made up my mind yet (i often like to make polls of things I'm notg decided on myself), but I was leaning towards Arty too. I'm much bigger Skynyrd fan than I am a Transformers fan. Plus Arty seems like the only non-asshole of the still-living original band members. He's no Ronnie, but he's the coolest one left. And Optimus is a tool. Know that I think of it, this is no contest. Arty gets my vote too!

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Optimus is livin high off the hog with the Transformer comeback.

I aint see Skynyrd live, was confused by the idea years back - im quite sure the lead died in a plane accident years ago, who's left and how do they work without 'im? Are the rest of the guys assholes, and why ya think that?

Fuck, i love thier classic stuff, no idea how they operate these days.

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Ronnie Van Zant, lead singer and lead songwriter and all around front man, died in the plane crash. His younger brother was brought in to replace him. After the plane crash, all the surviving members signed a contract that said that there could be no Lynyrd Skynyrd without 3 pre-crash members on board. There are only 3 of them died of left alive now that one died of natural causes, and the other two are still touring as Lynyrd Skynyrd without Artimus, even though they can't legally, and he's not getting any of the touring money, while he does gigs for like $200 a show. The other two say he can't play as well since the crash, which is bullshit, and they claim that after the crash, he ran out of the plane scared for his life, when he was actually running (through 2 miles of swamp) to get help, which is something everyone attested to right after the crash. Artrimus has asked to join the band, but they won't let him. The other two were also planning to have a concert on the crash site on the 25th anniversery of the crash, which I think I think would have been in damn poor taste. Fortunately, those plans fell through. Does that clear up why I think the other living guys are assholes?

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Nah, he says the remaining members (and Ronnie's widow) are such greedy pricks that he doesn't want to sink the their level. He has just politely asks on several occasions to be let back in to the band he helped make great. He hates litigation. And I think the crash site concert idea died before he ever got word of it.


I though a Skynyrd fan like you would know, that band is one of the biggest soap operas in Rock history, almost trumps the Beatles and Yoko. The bad blood has been going on for years.

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