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Final Fantasy VII Remade, For the NES?!?!?

Mr. Sexy Hat

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At first I thought this was just a rom hack but in 2005 a Chinese company called ShenZhen Nanjing Technology made an unofficial and unlicensed remake of Squre's 1997 classic.


Funnily enough the 8-bit clone has been released on an 8-bit clone of the Famicom.


Apparently It follows the whole story but wait for this, in 8-bit goodness! wow!


Of course the game has been cut down for it to fit on a cartridge, so sorry no FMV's for you.






looks like the just hacked FF1, but for some reason I really want to play this game. Although a english translation would be nice.



It looks rather playable. Must be a rom for it somewhere.


Thoughts anyone?

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Oh yea I read about this a couple months ago and was gonna mention it. Glad someone else saw it @.@ it is kinda bizarre that this was done. I think there is a rom out there somewhere.... there is more info about it here. Looks like they kept it almost exactly the same :shady:

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You would think Square and Nintendo would be raining all over this parade. I guess they don't care about a 13 year old game and a 25 year old console anymore. Even though Nintendo still supports NES releated stuff and Square is realeasing thier back catalogue on DS and PSN.


If the game came out in english thats when you'll see them start the shit fight.


NZA, I love thoes retro conversions of modern games. I think Retro Gamer magazine still does thiers every month. Halo on the C64 looked awsome as a side scroller.

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