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like many, i didn't finish Trauma Center for the Wii (fuck that heart-bomb mission!), so i don't know all of the backstory...but after high praise from some online friends, i gave this a go, and it's surprisingly awesome.


the main doc still does all the regular surgeries, but the asian chick to his right in the above pic does endoscopy, which is made more fun that it sounds (though her storyline's still the most boring for me so far). to the right, at the end there, the big guy (who doubles as a superhero at night!) does orthopedics, so you get bone placement/fusing and some trickier missions without motion plus. the crew on the left side is my favorite: a hot-headed first responder who's too obnoxious to like, but she gets a lot've on-scene medic stuff: triage, extrication, CPR & AED, etc - last mission i was juggling like 6 patients, it was awesome! following her is the ER doc, who's about diagonising: hands-on surveys, CTs/MRIs, even nuke med scans - he's also one of the more enjoyable of the cast...lastly, forensics by naomi (the white-haired one), which have been some of my favorite parts of the game overall. you get autopsies, as well as CSI/detective work! really wasn't expecting that, her quests are often the longer ones as well.


its Atlus, so the usual anime troupes are here, but the voice acting's solid (main doc is Nolan North, i recognize a few others), and as long as you've played this series before or know what to expect (mostly medical, but there's always mysticism), it's quite enjoyable, and the best part for me was the ability to go at your own pace - you don't have to unlock characters or progress farther with them until you're ready; you can totally go back to the mission screen whenever and if you're bored of surgery, go investigate a murder. i loved this, personally, though naturally i'm finishing all the cases for my more interesting bunch, and won't be allowed to take on their final acts until everyone's caught up :bored:


anyway, if you're done with Mario Galaxy 2, and still waiting on Metroid: Other M, give this one a go.

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I point to titles like this and

Cooking Mama

that justify the Wii/DS' existence. None of this 'waggle to jump' bullshit, the objectives match the action and it's just plain fun.


Loved the hell out of the first game for Wii, this sorta stuff we barely see down under, no idea why.

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's true; from the art style to the game's somewhat forgiving controls, Atlus really put this one out there with the Wii's hardware in mind. i wanna point to it & say "this is how it's done right, why don't we see more of this kind've effort?" but its sales are the answer, sadly.

i can't say much here either; i intend to buy it as well, but used sales don't affect much.

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