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I know what I'm gettin for x-mas.


snazzy napper even replies to youtube comments!



11 hours ago


I have to say, I'm rather impressed with the amount of (often hostile) comments @snazzynapper replies to.


I can see how this product could solve a genuine problem a lot of people have at some point. I know that I have found the sun too bright even just resting outside, when I haven't thought to bring a jacket. But the problem this situation does not occur often, even when travelling, and is always going to be unexpected or unplanned for. Who really thinks ahead and plans for that situation?


@Evenine thanks so much for your comment. We hope that we are providing a genuine service for those who need or want to have some privacy while they travel, deal with medical situations (i.e Kidney Dialysis or dealing with Chemotherapy) or just want an actual product that handles the eyes and body while resting. Most people who travel, do plan their travel and since the product folds into itself, it isn't cumbersome to carry. Thanks again and have a Snazzy week

SnazzyNapper 8 hours ago


Edit: meant to crap shack this. :p cause that is where it belongs lol

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now i want to have a snazzy week.


in my day, folks'd use hats, jackets, chinamen etc :old: yeah, alright, i mean it's gotta do what it advertises, but part of me thinks if you're in a public place with this on, you need to get a) airhorn'd or b) practiced upon by young thieves guilds trying to challenge each other to get even the buttons off your shirt without awaking you.

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