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Panasonic Jungle (new handheld)


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well, this was unexpected


Welcome to the Jungle baby! As we hinted at earlier today, Panasonic has just revealed that they are hard at work on a portable gaming system of their own. Its name is the Jungle, and it is a slightly different style of portable online gaming platform. According to the company, the Jungle is "a new mobile device concept designed specifically for online gamers". We do know that it features a high resolution display, a flip-open clamshell design like the Nintendo DS, along with a D-pad, various face and shoulder buttons, a mini-keyboard and touchpad. More specific details will be released in the future.


One of the first software titles revealed is the browser-based MMO, Battlestar Galactica Online.


There's not much there at the moment, besides the cute little mascot and the teaser video, but for now check out the official site at, obviously, WelcomeTo.TheJungle.com.



uh...opinion forthcoming.

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