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There's been alot of promotion for this upcomming elseworld from Marvel, the latest being this nice avengers poster:



Have you guys heard anything? What do you think?



The Age of “mini-events” continue from both big publishers….


As a follow-up the reveal of the final “X-Men” line-up for Age of X, comes more tidbits from writer Mike Carey and editor Daniel Ketchum. We know the Age of X-men characters will include new-yet-familiar characters like Reaper, Revenant, Frenzy, Basilisk, Nightmare, Beserker, Hellion, Gambit, Cannonball, and Magneto


Here’s what else we now know about Age of X as a result of a “Next Big Thing” call by Marvel:


The story starts with “Age of X Alpha” in January and runs through “X-Men Legacy” and “New Mutants” for the next several months…


…[Writer Mike] Carey confirmed that “X” stands for “X-Men,” but that the story takes place “in a world that has never known the X-Men, in which the X-Men never came together as a team.” But “there’s also a character, kind of, that’s called X. By the time it’s over, it will have stood for several things”…


…[editor Daniel] Ketchum said the series will explore the original idea of “X-Men being something ‘extra,’” and that the characters “will be doing new cool things with their powers” and being configured into new relationships…


….At the start of the story, “There is a fortress–the whole world has become hostile territory for mutants, but there is this fortress where all the surviving mutants are invited to come,” Carey said, but unlike Utopia, “it’s surrounded by enemies.” The area around the fortress “has been squashed flat by years of conflict.” Ketchum added that the fortress emphasizes that “the battle is right at their door.”


Carey said there is “a very good reason” why “Age of X” is structured in ongoing X-books, and it’s set up as “a mystery thriller” that will explain why it relates to the 616 world. “We’re revealing it backwards,” Carey said, adding that the end would reveal why it was done this way….


…”Rogue is very much the protagonist and point of view character in the first of the three acts,” Carey said, but other characters would take center stage as the situation escalates. “But she is our entry character’”…


…There will be a tie-in book likely titled “
Age of X: Avengers
,” Ketchum revealed….


…Ketchum said the Phoenix character “is definitely not Hope,” and Carey added that Basilisk is Cyclops, wrapping up the call….


Here is the final Age of (alternate) X(-Men) image. Click for a bigger look.









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interesting...god knows i was loving x-books when messiah war finally tied up, dropped em when they got into vamps....this even (with mike carey at the helm, i dug his hellblazer work) might get me back on, but ill prolly catchup once one of you guys says its worth it.

...unless that's Cable, in which case id love to see X-Man return and it mean something.

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