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Korean Man Dies After Gaming Marathon


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Taken from Gameforms.com...


A jobless South Korean man died Tuesday following a non-stop gaming session lasting 86 hours. The man eschewed sleep and food as he sat glued for nearly four straight days to his computer monitor at a "PC room," or internet cafe, in the town of Kwangju.


The man, identified only by his last name of Kim, collapsed near the counter of the PC room on Tuesday. Witnesses said he regained consciousness and proceded to the restroom, where he was later found dead.


Many PC rooms are open 24 hours in South Korea, one of the world's most net-savvy countries, and they are relatively lax in monitoring the activities of customers. The management of the PC room refused comment on why Kim was allowed to game for such a prolonged period of time.


An autopsy is planned for Kim, though foul play is not suspected. Police did not release the name of the title that kept Kim enthralled until his death.


Well, i guess this kinda thing was bound to happen eventually. There was that kid few months back who killed himself for losing his shit in EverQuest, dont expect these 2 winners to be the last of this kinda stuff, id imagine.

And yes, i too am very curious as to what game he was playing.

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im guessing either diablo or eq. no sane human can quake nonstop for 4days. my nerves get shot after 16 hours and i have pretty decent stamina. quake... ooh. its like crack. :D

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I've avioded evercrack/neverrest for my own sake. The only game other than that that I've heard horror stories on par with it is The Sims, of which I have personnal experience. For a stand-alone only game (game you can't play on the internet) that shit is addictive. It is not uncommon to go days on that game, getting a great thigh workout from squeezing your legs together from going days without going to the bathroom. I doubt this was the sims, because people don't play the sims in internet cafes, and the quote implies that it was an internet game.

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