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The Dark Knight Returns


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[bruce] Timm announced that "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" will be adapted into an animated feature as a two-parter. An audience member asked how they would be able to do the story justice without making it an R-rated film. "Your memory is playing you false," said Timm. "It's going to play very well animated, and I'd be very surprised if it got an R rating."


[Casting/dialogue director Andrea] Romano was asked if she was considering using voice-acting mainstays Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill to reprise their roles as Batman and Joker for "Dark Knight Returns." "We always consider using Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill," she replied.

totally not a preview:


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I've been seeing clips for the Batman: Year One cartoon and it doesn't look great. I'm indifferent to this until I see evidence that it's awesome.


Timm is right about the rating, I can't think of much in there that wouldn't fall under a PG-13 these days.

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