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we've had threads on Angry Birds & Plants vs Zombies, thought i'd do a general platform one for all the rest.


Square's announcing their Android games at TGS, looks like:


- Square Enix announces Square Enix Market, a portal site for Android

- Due to be launched this winter, the portal site covers 3 major carriers in Japan (NTT Docomo, NDDI, SoftBank), and will be a service platform to offer Square Enix Android games and apps to Smartphones

- Many of the titles being targeted for the platform will be free to play micro transaction models

- Takashi Tokita is now the producer of S-E's mobile game division

- Final Fantasy Legends Warriors of Light and Darkness has achieved over 1 million downloads on the current distribution channel

- The game will be ported to iPhone and Android phones in 2012

- A brand new original title called Demon's Score will also be released in 2012 for iOS and Android, developed by Epic Games

- Dragon Quest Monsters Wanted! and Itadaki Street Smartphone are also due for release on the Square Enix Market platform

- Other titles planned in the future include re-releasing old classics like Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger

- Lastly they announced Diffusion Million Arthur (拡散性ミリオンアーサー), a Card Battle RPG based on Arthurian legends. There will be over 50 illustrators working on artwork for the cards, and the title is due on iOS and Android with no release date or price specified.

- Million Arthur is the next title from producer Takehiro Ando (Chaos Rings), while Demon's Score is the next title from producer Takashi Tokita (FFIV, FFL)


I'm reading more articles about the conference they had, and they actually ran a trailer for the Square Enix Market portal app. Other sites are reporting that this is the confirmed upcoming line-up on the S-E Market, which means confirmed Android titles:


- DQ Monsters Wanted


- Chrono Trigger

- Itadaki Street

- Chaos Rings

- Chaos Rings Omega

- Demon's Score

- Million Arthur

- FF1

- FF2

- Crystal Defenders

Demon's Score





Final Fantasy Legends





Dragon Quest Monsters Wanted!





Chaos Rings 2





Chaos Rings Omega





Itadaki Street Smartphone





Chrono Trigger



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