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yeah, i completely slept on this at E3 (i think?), just caught that trailer a few days back myself. it's early on, but i'm interested...after Indigo, i was happy HR didn't get into supernatural shit, but when you figure out what was cut from it, it kinda did by proxy, it was weird.


looking forward to this, as long as there's fewer mayan cyborgs from the future.

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more stuff




Additionally, everyone who pre-orders BEYOND at GameStop (or EB games for our Canadian friends) will receive an exclusive 30-minute playable additional scene DLC. We’ll be announcing more details on what that scene entails in the coming months.


And while supplies last, everyone who pre-orders will also receive a free upgrade to the Special Edition of BEYOND, which includes:


Exclusive Steelbook Premium Packaging

Extensive Behind The Scenes Video Features


PS3 Dynamic Theme

PSN Avatar Bundle


Beyond: Two Souls for PS3 Steelbook




*Steelbook art not final


i ended up rather enjoying the one piece of DLC Heavy Rain saw (prologue) so this might be tempting.

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