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says Marvel:




Earth has been marked as an “Avengers World”, protected by Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and more from the deadliest threats facing humanity. A powerful and destructive race is on a collision course with Earth and the only thing in their path is the Avengers! But even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes realize the one hope of defeating this dire threat is to unite every great hero across the cosmos…because only with a united Avengers Universe is there any chance of survival!

With our heroes at the other end of the universe, who is left to protect Earth? Enter Thanos, the galaxy’s most ruthless threat and an unparalleled force of brutality who brings order to the chaos of life through murder. The greatest threat to the Mad Titan’s work—and perhaps the universe’s greatest hope—is something he created leaving no world safe. Earth’s last hope may lie in the hands of a man who can level cities with a single whisper: Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans. But can the fearsome leader of a race hated and feared by his world, lead his people against Thanos? If they fall, so does the Earth—and the entire universe with it.

The Biggest Heroes. The Biggest Threats. The Biggest Sacrifices. This is Marvel’s Infinity.



More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/story/20387/welcome_to_marvels_infinity#ixzz2Rvv7KpZB


it's Hickman, so i'll prolly give it a shot.

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Marvel Infinity Liveblog




some highlights i copied over:


"I've worked with Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver before, and both are fantastic artists equally adept at world building and character interaction, so writing for them is always a pleasure. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say the fantastic stuff I visualize in my head is always better when realized by those two guys." - Jonathan Hickman



"I've always wanted to work with Jim Cheung. He's one of my favorite artists and a really cool guy. I've asked for him on just about everything, so it's such a pleasue to see him drawing the stuff I'm writing. It's wonderful. All three guys are great. I'd be remiss not to say Mike Deodato is doing great work on New Avengers and Leinil Yu is killing it on Avengers. Breathtaking stuff. I gave Leinil hard as stuff to draw as anybody and he's crushing it. He's unbreakable." - Jonathan Hickman



"Before I was doing Infinity, I was always going to do a story called Avengers Universe happening at this time in the Avengers books. This is the culmination of everything we started in Avengers #1 on Mars with the Garden, talking about the Builders, this ancient race who has built great societies and destroyed them if they didn't find them worthy to survive. Because of the events in New Avengers, the Builders are headed to Earth." - Jonathan Hickman



"Everything from New Avengers is a big part of Infinity." - Jonathan Hickman



"The Infinity Gems, when last anybody knew about them, were broken by the Illuminati, and that will not go untouched on in Infinity." - Tom Brevoort "I'm actually writing about that today." - Jonathan Hickman


"Like any good story, we needed forerunners of the bad guy and so Thanos' allies serve the story. They're colorful characters with cool names, which is never bad, but you'll see mostly in New Avengers them in play." - Jonathan Hickman



"Infinity is big, and will project us forward into something even bigger." - Jonathan Hickman "He is not kidding." - Tom Brevoort



"It depends on which characters you're talking about. It's a Marvel Universe story, so they will be involved, but Battle of the Atom is also going on. They're not all absolutely front and center, but they're not absent. You'll see stuff involving them right from the jump. You saw them in the prelude." - Tom Brevoort


"The mutants affiliated with the Illuminati are very involved." - Jonathan Hickman[/indent]

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Bout 3 yrs ago I bout a reprint of infinity gauntlet .. I loved those books. I didn't like infinity wars however. But I bought the original annihilation series. This seems to be a taste of avengers 2.... Else I'm going to expect a TON of cameos. I love that shit. I'll def pick this up.

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