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Mighty Avengers


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Luke Cage will lead a team including the Superior Spider-Man, Power Man, She-Hulk, White Tiger, Blue Marvel, Falcon, a new Ronin and Monica Rambeau under a new superhero guise.


The team will remain on Earth to face off against Thanos as the rest of Earth's Avengers are off world dealing with the threat of the Builders.


Mighty Avengers is notable for its high proportion of black members.


Executive editor Tom Brevoort said that the team's diversity was "no accident" during the press conference call but that it had not been designed as the 'Black Avengers


"It feels artificial and ghettoising to me, to have an all-black or all-LGBT or all-Asian Avengers," he said. "Putting them together and therefore keeping them away from the other characters - to me, that feels fake.


"The reality is that people are interested in these characters and want to see heroes that reflect them - and they have a very genuine point."


Marvel launched its all-female X-Men book earlier this month.


Mighty Avengers will debut in September.


i think i read Iron Fist was looking to join later too, which'd be awesome

and before you ask:



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I appreciate what they're going for with an all-minority (and Spider-Man, he grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, I suppose that counts) team but seeing as most of these characters were made to throw the various communities they represent a bone this looks like the most thrown together team I've seen. Let's hope it's more Agents of Atlas and less Fearless Defenders

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