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Wolverine: Origin II

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SDCC '13: Kieron Gillen And Adam Kubert Teaming Up For WOLVERINE: ORIGIN II



In 2002, Marvel FINALLY revealed the early years of James "Logan" Howlett in Paul Jenkins and Joe Quesada's Wolverine: Origin. Well, they have today announced that Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert will team up for a sequel which picks up a few years after the events of the first instalment!


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By Josh Wilding - 7/19/2013



"We're picking things up a few years later, and Logan has been living in the woods all that time. When we last saw him in "Origin," he had killed his first love and rejected humanity by deciding he would go run with the wolves for awhile. This story is set right before World War I. It takes place right around the time the German Schlieffen plan for winning that war was was made up. So we're on the cusp of what will be frankly a horrific century and what will civilization mean, then? An earlier draft of the story featured characters like Sigmund Freud and the Futurist movement. That was my original focus. All that stuff is sort of gone, and now I'm really focusing on the characters and what's important there, but in terms of themes, the idea of civilization and how violent it can be is a big part of this story.


It fits into the chronology of the Marvel Universe because it does fit with how Essex became Mister Sinister, but we pretty much play him straight in this story. He's a scientist with an interest in this emerging new species. One of the working sub titles I had for this series was "Origin of the Species." This is basically the discovery of a strange new type of human living in the woods. For those of you that are really up on your Wolverine continuity, this takes place a few years before Silver Fox. Our first episode is pretty much Logan, in the woods, living with wolves and a big fight happens. [Laughs] Logan doesn't speak at any point, but there are some very terse captions. It's basically a tour de force for Adam, and it's kind like an overture for the whole series."


Read more at http://www.comicbook...FLhRFD3TmJST.99

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