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Forbidden foods


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Doug and I were in the kitchen and I was eating a cookie that I baked last night and we were discussing how this batch of cookies came out. I didn't have enough butter and was forced to make them with crisco. So we talked about the differences in crisco and butter and what they were made of etc. which led to us laughing about cities that ban crisco and other trans fatty foods and laughing cause down here people would go nuts if someone messed with their prized fried chicken recipe.


I started thinking about reasons foods have been banned in various places and why. Some of it is nuts. We can't get kinder surprise eggs because while the rest of the world survives, we must think we are stupid enough that they would be an extreme choking hazard...


Various examples of banned foods:





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Well...I've read aseveral articles about things that aren't banned in the US but are in Europe and I gotta agree with Europe. I mean, banning samosas because their triangles is dumb but banning GMO foods because a country is worried about the long term effect on their populations and heirloom crops is understandable. I think the US has some kinda screwed up priorities. And it can usually be traced back to lobbyists.

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The irony about banning transfats in NY city is that by slightly helping the arteries of people in the United States, we are destroying the lungs (and biodiversity) of the world. Companies did not want to lose the NYC market so they changed their recipes for their mass produced products to use palm oil (it has special properties which make it an ideal substitute) to comply with the transfat ban and now for example all Oreos use palm oil because of the Bloomberg ban. Dunkin Donuts is another good example of a company that switched it's entire product line over to palm oil to comply with the Bloomberg ban.


In Indonesia where much of the world's palm oil is grown, as consumption of palm oil skyrockets due to transfat bans, rainforest is torn down so that they can produce more palm oil.

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Palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature which makes it ideal as a replacement for transfats in foods. Corn oil, peanut oil, and soy are liquid when at room temperature. Think about the filling for Oreo's for example. You can't make it using most other oils.

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