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    Yum! I make Stromboli with canned pizza dough, rolled up. Kinda similar
  2. I did the same thing about that age but it was because I couldn't get the tv on the Disney channel.
  3. Um wow. And for some reason I read the title the first time as hobotastic.
  4. Beautiful. Gives me a sort of robin hood complex though, I wanna take the stingy rich kids toys and pass them out to the ones with only one little toy.
  5. amynicole


    No it's still soft. Thin fit soft and flaky. The recipe called it cool veggie pizza. I was surprised how filling and flavorful it was for being cold and loaded with raw veg. I'm in love!
  6. amynicole


    Easy, rich tasting, but light meal i just made, also super cheap! Reduced fat crescent roll dough, rolled out in one big flat sheet, seams punched closed, and baked until browned. Let cool and spread 1/2 block fat free cream cheese or nuefatchel and then cover with favorite raw diced veggies (I did broccoli, red and green bell peppers, thinly sliced carrot, and onion) and season (I did garlic, salt, black pepper, and some southwest ms dash). Doug added sliced grilled chicken to his. Yum! The buttery flavor from the cresent and the rich cheese made it more flavorful than just raw veggies.
  7. Uh no... I can cook a few mean Mexican dishes. And speak, read, and write enough to not get pushed around. And I am as white as they get. And I had a Mexican friend try to tell me that flour tortillas were made by just taking the masa and rolling it out in flour. I laughed my ass off and showed him how to make tortillas. So no, race has nothing to do with it. But my proximity to Mexico may help. While, you know, other states may not have that advantage.
  8. Fastaco beats all other fast food Mexican. Plus they are owed by chicken express so they sell their sweet tea. Mmmmm. And chicken express... Omg I'm hungry!
  9. Ah, play on words. Tres leches y dulce de leche technically. Sounds yummy though.
  10. What is the fourth type of milk used? That's interesting. The carneceria here makes the best, but I have no idea what all is in it, because they write the ingredients in English and, uh, well they left out sugar, and the filling was listed as "fruit" so I can even be sure what kind. I think strawberry?
  11. We get both tex mex and real mexican here, my town is about half Hispanic half white. Ive gone to parties where no one speaks much English and they roast a goat in the yard and the food was awesome! But I've tried stuff that I will never touch again. Cool thing is that our grocery stores sell imported products, galetas, Mexican sodas, horchata, chile dusted candy, etc. Oh and you can get homemade tres leches at any bakery pretty much. I'd kill for a good piece of tres leches.
  12. Oh yeah baytor I know what you mean. I can't stand Mexican food from other places. I tried getting good Mexican in Cali and new York. Both were a bad idea.
  13. I've eaten at restaurants in various places in Mexico, both tourist and not.
  14. You silly people referring to those ingredients as "meat" and "cheese".
  15. Ugh I hate taco bell with a passion! Nasty!
  16. Doug and I were in the kitchen and I was eating a cookie that I baked last night and we were discussing how this batch of cookies came out. I didn't have enough butter and was forced to make them with crisco. So we talked about the differences in crisco and butter and what they were made of etc. which led to us laughing about cities that ban crisco and other trans fatty foods and laughing cause down here people would go nuts if someone messed with their prized fried chicken recipe. I started thinking about reasons foods have been banned in various places and why. Some of it is nuts. We ca
  17. Our Popeyes closed! Waaa!
  18. Yes! I died laughing at the minions singing! Currently watching Wallace and gromit: curse of the ware rabbit Not my fav by him, but pretty good. I got Lauren hooked on Timmy the sheep ha ha
  19. We did not have that good luck with our crayon canvas :(
  20. amynicole

    Weird food

    Didn't everyone eat green eggs and ham in kindergarten?
  21. The new star trek. And omg do I want a threesome with James t Kirk and Spock. Yum.
  22. amynicole

    Weird food

    I didn't notice a difference. We ate eggs fresh from under the hen when I was little at my mammy and papa's house. I spent more time out there than I did at my house. But I was a kid. And I was happy to have something other than oatmeal to be honest. I couldn't do it now, the thought grosses me out. Doesn't seem sanitary.
  23. amynicole

    Weird food

    I just discovered that in some countries you buy milk in a bag. Wtf? I would spill the whole damn thing every time.
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