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Another good episode.

I'm digging this monster of the week thing they are doing, but I do hope they dedicate a few more episodes to Moloch and the overarching storyline.


Also I'm not sure how to feel about this Matthew McConaughey wannabe they are trying to introduce. My hopes for this show is to let everything hit the fan. If they introduce that guy, I'd like him to be another horsemen or something. It's kind of weird to only have 2 of them plotting shit out. As just another character on the show though, I'm not liking him too much.


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Last episode was the weakest to date I think... I really hate Mr. Blonde and the fact that Ichabod got sidelined in this to give him more screen time upsets me more. I hope this season comes back around, there is too much cool stuff going on for it to fall flat on it's face.

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Did anyone catch the Midseason premiere? I thought that the finale itself was great and the premiere was just as good. It feels like they really expanded the world with the reveal of that one character. Y'know

the angel



Also, the show is set to probably shift from Monster of the Week style, serialized episodes to an arc format.


Mixed feeling on this. On the one hand it shows that it has a future and isn't going anywhere anytime soon, plus we get to see more of the juicy story bits with the horsemen and whatnot.


Cons might mean less craziness, and more characters to bounce around to and from. And i'm not crazy about them adding more, less interesting characters like the treasure hunter dude, who has barely served much of a purpose yet.

Didn't they show him selling stuff to Henry at one point and eloborated absolutely zero on that?

He gots to go.

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Ugh... this is happening also



Can you imagine Ichabod Crane and Seeley Booth solving a mystery together? What about Dr. Temperance Brennan working with Abbie Mills?

Well, get ready to see exactly that. Because EW has learned that Fox is planning to make mind-bending crossover episodes between Sleepy Hollow and Bones!



I.... I think I'm out. The shark has been firmly jumped.

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