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The FBI on TV


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Maybe someone noticed before maybe not, and I know better than to trust what the writer of tv shows want to make us believe.

Im watching season 4 of Sons of Anarchy currently and one of the main plots is the FBI trying to get samcro or Gallindo cartel behind bars. As usual the FBI is portrayed like this pieces of shit cops who are no better than the "evil ones" that they are trying to capture. Shitting on peoples lives and destroying anyone who gets in their way, innocent or not. This made me remember that a very similar scenario was going on for years on The Sopranos with Adriana La cerva (Christopher's girlfriend and then wife).

Like I said, i know better than to trust some writer, because is leau of making something interesting they alter reality to great lenghts. But, after seeing almost the same story im beginning to wonder: Is the FBI really this machiavellian force stops at nothing when it comes to mafia, drugs or illegal gang activity? The other question that came to mind was: Has the real FBI adressed the issue? Or said something about it? Not being american I don't know how the feedback with the people is. And Im asking here, because i know the forum is compossed by 95% american people.


Sorry if the post was too long or boring.

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DEA and ATF are definitely more unprofessional and devious. ATF once used a mentally retarded guy as bait in a gun smuggling sting and then charged him for doing what they tricked him into doing.


DEA does some similar stuff.


FBI has done shady stuff with terror plots. They usually find some jackasses mouthing off about committing terrorism but who haven't a clue, then they plant an informant within the group who actually provokes the group to stat plotting violence and then offers to provide a bomb etc that the group would not have any idea how to get on its own.


So the thing is basically entrapment, but the FBI gets to claim it stopped a terror plot when the only reason a plot existed is because they planned it.


FBI also did the Ruby Ridge shooting. No one's sure why that went south, but in the end people who never committed a crime were dead, including at least one kid. I think also that the highest ranking Russian spy ever caught was an FBI agent.


You should also look up the Secret Service and its recent drunken/incompetent adventures (prostitution and partying, crashing drones, letting the wrong people near the president etc etc)

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