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The Endless River, new album came out this week




Album cover designed by an 18 year old digital artist named Ahmed Emad Eldin


Track listing:


Side 1


Things Left Unsaid

It’s What We Do

Ebb And Flow


Side 2







Side 3


The Lost Art Of Conversation

On Noodle Street

Night Light

Allons-y (1)

Autumn ‘68

Allons-y (2)

Talkin’ Hawkin’


Side 4



Eyes To Pearls


Louder Than Words




By the time Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut, Roger Waters’s “Requiem for the Postwar Dream”, came out in 1983, relations between him and the rest of the group were terrible – keyboard player Rick Wright had even been kicked out and rehired on a salary, for live shows only, at Waters’s insistence. So there’s a kind of poetry to the fact that, with Waters long gone, the new album – Pink Floyd’s first studio outing in two decades – is a tribute to Wright, who died of cancer in 2008.


It also features him heavily – he was back on board for 1994’s The Division Bell, and it’s from the sessions for that album that the material for this one has been taken.


By and large it’s an understated affair but unmistakably the Floyd, divided into four sides (and available on double vinyl), each with a different mood from the next. It also packs a great deal into 53 minutes – not least because some of the tracks are barely more than a minute and a half long. Nothing is dragged out.



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