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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


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Just finished the first, but hopefully not last, season of this on Netflix and it's one of the funniest shows at the moment. 15 years after being locked in an underground bunker by a cult leader (stick around til the end to find out who it is!), 4 women are rescued, one of them being Kimmy Schmidt. She decides that instead of staying in Indiana where she was held captive, she is going to move to New York and start a new life and then shenanigans happen. It's probably got the catchiest opening since Arrested Development and has the funniest gay black best friend ever. The whole cast is pretty fantastic though. I especially like Carol Kane as the mostly insane landlady. Definitely worth a watch if you didn't know what to expect.

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Titus Burgess was used in 30 Rock too, to great effect.


Jane Krakowski is basically a real housewife version of Jenna Maroney, works too.


I think the biggest 30 Rock vibe/influence comes from the soundtrack. Only a few eps in so far and loving the shit out of this show!

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I wish I had the same reaction as y'all because I need a new sitcom to get in to as there are mostly dramas in my queue. However, two episodes in and Kimmy is coming off meh at best for me. I liked 30 Rock but was not a die hard fan (I don't think I got past S3 or S4), so maybe that's why the show's vibe isn't catching my fancy.

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Watching season 2, about 6 or 7 eps. Loving it again, but honestly could do with less Jacqueline. Other than that though it's as hilarious as season one. I could watch Titus make goofy facial expressions and still love it.












The advertising on this needs help too though. The ads I saw for it made it look like an ABC family chick show or something with bad pop music instead of highlighting it's surreal-ness.

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