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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


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Figured this needed its own thread cause there is alot to talk about here. I think I've already poured like 20 hours into this and it feels like I've barely scratched the surface. It's fucking HUGE.


I've only played maybe 10 minutes of both the first two games, but this one is holding my attention, mainly for the awesome story/stories in the game.


What I like:


The Story- The main story is really badass and makes you care about the characters, and the sidequests are even better. They are like little standalone episodes that give the world alot more flavor. This would make an excellent hour long TV show.


Combat- I was very meh on combat going into it, but after you get the hang of it fighting feels pretty tactical and alot more RPG-y. The finishers aren't as awesome as people make them out to be though.


Bestiary- I love running into new monsters and then reading up on them after killing them to find out where they came from and how I can fight them better next time, I just wish there was a 3d model viewer or something.


My Beard- It grows back if I shave it of, it's really nice and everygame needs this feature.


Music- This is pretty perfect too, the music does a great job of setting the tone for different areas and situations your in.


What I don't like:


Looting- I hate it. I don't mind looting shit in some games. It works fine in Fallout/Elder Scrolls. But the looting here feels extra padded, and the action button to actually do the looting isn't sensitive enough. It wastes precious time and should be either automatic or more intuitive.




Graphics- It looks fine don't get me wrong, but it's nothing special. The landscapes are gorgeous and the monsters look great, but I'm still waiting for that true "Next Gen" feel. So far P.T. has been the only game to truly do that for me, and it was just a demo.


I'm interested to see some of the choices others have made in the game and what happened when you made the depending on who is playing.

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