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The reimagined game, which adheres closely to the initial Wii U mantra that two screens are better than one, is quite simply overwhelming. To say this installment in the Star Fox series requires a steep learning curve would be to grossly understate the complexity of the control scheme. There's just so much to absorb; so many different controls thrown at you at once.



Before I dive into a rundown of the gameplay, it's important I start with the ideal "posture" Nintendo recommends for play. On the advice of a nearby rep, I loosely locked my elbows to my sides -- just above my hips -- and held the GamePad a short distance in front of me. I'll admit I was initially confused as to what I was supposed to be doing and where I was supposed to be looking. The GamePad is pretty much your "turret" and moving it doesn't translate into moving the Arwing onscreen; you control that with the left thumbstick. Acceleration and braking are handled by pressing up or down on the right thumbstick, respectively. Meanwhile, the ZR trigger fires off a stream of laser blasts and ZL can be used for a loose lock-on that merely shows you where your target is located.


As if that weren't enough to juggle, simultaneously pressing down on the left thumbstick and up on the right one initiates a somersault that'll place your Arwing behind an approaching enemy. Additionally, pressing down simultaneously on both thumbsticks will cause your ship to make a U-turn. Both of those actions are also mapped to the GamePad's lettered buttons; in this case "X" and "Y." But wait, there's more: As you can imagine, your reticle will need (constant) recalibration, so a quick press-in of the left thumbstick will do the trick. As a result of this control scheme brain dump, I pretty much flubbed the training. It was just too much to take in while juggling between screens, tracking enemies and recalibrating my reticle. So the obvious next step for was to jump right into Corneria.


Here is where things started to slowly click into place. As this Corneria battle is set in a land-based, sandboxed area, I had more time to practice using the various control techniques and pick off enemies. With each kill, Star Fox Zero became less daunting and more enjoyable. Soon, I was out-maneuvering rogue ships and picking off enemies from a distance. But then the nearby rep threw another curveball my way: By pressing "A," you can transform into a bird-like land vehicle with the ability to hover. I didn't spend much time in this form, but it came in handy when taking out targets placed atop spider-like robots.



This is starting to sound more like Ace Combat: Star Fox Edition and I'm completely ok with that.

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I cannot wait for this game! Looks like an HD remake / reboot / reimagining of Star Fox 64. It's gonna look great in full 1080p. Been waiting for this game to drop for awhile now. Just glad it didn't get pushed back like Zelda Wii U did. Star Fox Zero and Super Mario Maker are the 2 games I'm looking forward to this year from Nintendo.

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LOL - OMG - there's buzz about another delay.




Some information has surfaced lately that Nintendo is having some trouble with the development for Star Fox Zero. More details have surfaced and it’s not good news.

Game researcher, Liam Robertson (he’s done DidYouKnowGaming videos in the past),tweeted some of the information he has found out about the troubled development for Star Fox Zero so far.

He said:Re: those Star Fox Zero rumours. I heard all the same disconcerting things about two weeks ago. I heard the QA team at NoE is going through a bit of a nightmare to get it ready. Nobody knows for sure if it’ll pass QA with a thumbs up.

If Star Fox Zero doesn’t pass QA, they can make a recommendation to NCL to delay it. They have about 2 weeks to get it ready for certif. I really hope (and sort of expect) that they will delay Star Fox again until they get it right. We’ve still seen so little of it too.



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@ 2:25




That's the kinda shit they gotta be doing w/ the Amiibos. I would've loved an Ocarina of Time skin when I tap-in my Link Amiibo w/ Twilight Princess. Once a day refill on hearts? Refill on arrows? LOL - what the hell is that? Alt. skins is where it's at for this cat.

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