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Next in our holiday giftbag is the second disc from the Junker 5-pack.




Rune, is a medeival action game set in the Viking era and takes you through rarely used Norse mythology. Odin saves you from certain death at sea and sets you out on a quest for vengance. You begin by fighting your way out of the underworld back to the Villiage you were sailing to defend.


Graphics are average, theres a slight problem with the "horizon" being too close in a few of the bigger areas, but nothing too bad. The cutscenes aren't great, since they use in game graphics, but they serve their purpose. The plot is decent for an action platform, even thou I can't help but get an altered beast flashback during the beginning.


Gameplay is handled well, the controls are set up quake style (left keyboard & Mouse) and are VERY responsive. The camara angles are cone well, giving almost complete control to the player and swap smoothly from third to first person view when in a tight space.


Fighting is learned with ease, different weapons allow for a different fighting styles and each weapon obtained is slun or sheathed on your person in easy sight allowing for a "visual inventory" of sorts. Picking fruit off bushes and lizards off walls give health and even swimming has been made more interesting by being able to sideswim and backpedal in the water. (Gone are the days fixed spreadeagle dogpaddling!) And beware in the water some of the fish WILL swallow you whole.


Level design is done very well, the levels are logically put together, with traps, hidden doors, breakable walls and pushable doors all laid out well enough that the "casual glance looking for a discolored spot" won't get you anywhere, but nothing is so hard as to get you stuck. Some areas seem impassable until you realize you can do some "prince of persia" style leaping and a bit of vine climbing.


All said and done its a very fun game, being able to throw items and being able to sever limbs and heads go well together and beating a goblin with its own severed arm just has a certain enjoyment all its own.


:approve: A good buy if you can pick it up, nice change from the traditional FPS mania going around.

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I was wondering if there was still alot of Multiplayer support out there since all the 5 pack games are kind of dated. Mainly I'm trying to beat these three so that I can install some more and get through all 10. Then later i'll try out some of the multiplayer.

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Well this is true, some cults just don't die. But still, I'm gonna try and beat these three (sam, rune, Fallout 1) before diving into anything else, multiplayer included. Once I beat all 10 i can go back to unintentionally thwarting chiefy's every attempt at a Diablo match. :D

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