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David S. Goyer's BROOKLYN ANIMAL CONTROL Gets Pilot Order From USA




Former Constantine executive producer and Man Of Steel writer David S. Goyer looks set to bring another comic book property to the small screen. This time it's IDW's Brooklyn Animal Control. Hit the jump to find out what it's all about!


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By Minty - 7/29/2015




Man Of Steel scribe David S. Goyer may still be reeling from NBC's cancellation of Constantine, but at least he's found another comic book project to bounce back with. Cable outlet USA have given the green light to a small screen adaptation of IDW's Brooklyn Animal Control, which Goyer is set to executive produce. So far, a pilot episode has been commissioned, which will be written and produced by the comic's original creator, JT Petty.


This new CBTV show won't carry the same focus as some of it's more superhero-centric counterparts. Instead, it follows the inner workings of a secret subdivision of the NYPD that functions as social services for some of the city’s most unique citizens -- werewolves. Delving into the lives of both the Case Officers, and the secretive, highly insular Kveld-Ulf, a community of werewolves living deep in the borough, Brooklyn Animal Control will examine city politics, immigrant communities, and families divided by ambition, secrecy, and tradition.


“Fans of the comic know that Brooklyn Animal Control is a thriller anchored inside the world of New York organized crime families,” said USA’s EVP Jackie de Crinis. “At its core, it is a family drama, albeit an unconventional one.” The show's tone and cable-network setting seems to suggest it'll be less like Constantine and more in line with comic book series like The Walking Dead. Are you excited by the show's premise? Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


Never heard of it, anyone reading this?

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