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Alan Rickman dies aged 69

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This came out of nowhere. RIP Hans Gruber. You are perhaps the best bad guy in the best christmas film ever.


NZA and Panch and I just watched Die Hard for Christmas! This really bummed me out this morning. I adored him as Snape, Gruber and in Love Actually. :( Gonna miss

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cheers.gif LOL! - just marvelous!


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is one of my most favoritest movies of all time. Those zonky, odd fish-eye close-ups...akin to the cinematography that Barry Sonnenfeld utilizes - always struck a cord w/ me...even way back when (Addams Family). Major influence. I love it. The way it was shot, the performances, the humor, the locales, props...music. RH: POT is such a 90s gem. Remember the POV arrow shot in the trailer? Big deal, back then! LOL - oh, man.


Yeah, my introduction to Rickman was through Robin Hood - didn't catch Die Hard until much later.



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You know, that's a good question--I can't really remember which I saw first as a kid, Die Hard or Robin Hood,Prince of Thieves. I do know this though, RHPoT was my fucking jam! I loved that movie so much. I was a big Robin Hood fan as a kid in general (Errol Flynn and Disney versions), so when that film came out with its humor and anachronistic, semi-historical slant on the story, I ate it up. Rickman was such a great Nottingham. His most iconic roles definitely go Nottingham, Gruber, & Snape in order for me.

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