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so.... you like max payne don't you? is your trigger finger begging for more? Well here's another third-person shooter for you.


Step up to dead to rights - namco's new game that is now out for all next gen consoles. Right after a kick ass, john woo style intro, you are hit with a story of a bad ass cop out to literally blow the brains out of any bad guy. I have never seen a cop like this. Sure, the story is about a cop out for revenge... but this cop?!? he makes robocop seem nice. don't have a gun? run up to an enemy, and you got multiple disarms at your disposal, usually ending up breaking his neck - and like poetry, his weapon falls right into your hands. use your enemies as human shields.... switch weapons at any time... blow the other guys away, and switch again to take out your shield... execution style, point blank in the head. this cop is downright dirty. I have never seen any game as violent... mabye mortal kombat, but with much more style. Of course, you also have a large variety of weapons at your disposal.


ok, that's not enough? there is more. since he's a k-9 cop, you have fluffy at your disposal. sic him on an enemy, he goes for the throat and brings you back the guy's gun/shotgun, what have you. good dog! without a weapon, you still have block, kick, punch, throw combos. Did i mention diving, ducking, and first person aiming? Think of syphon filter with 4x the options to kill.


finally, you got the slo mo aspect. I haven't gotten this down yet, because of the learning curve on the controller etc... but, you can dive in slo mo, target and take out baddies with style, style, and more style.


Jack Slater is one bad-ass cop.

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oh yeah, that pic is just kick ass sweet...


more info... there is actually more to the disarms that i knew about. for every weapon the enemy has, you can disarm him in a different style using a different button combination. I believe there are four types of disarms for every weapon. If you like, you can also do it in slo-mo by tapping the disarm button again. and finally, you can change the camera angle during the disarm by hitting another button. all of them are kind of like namco's signature throw moves from the soul calibur series - innovative and nasty cool.


NAMCO kicks ass!

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Just rented this one for the PS2 and beat like half of it. Great game. Perfect controls, some of the best gun fighting I've had in a while, and the disarm and human shield stuff is perfect. This one sort of sets the bar for third person action, I think. Oh, and I heard there is a pretty big diff between the X-box version and the others. GC and PS2 versions improve on the X-box version by having less minigames (REALLY fucking boring, stupid, and still to frequent minigames) and a few other minor things I read about. Another thing that has changed is the difficulty. The X-box version is supposed to be a lot harder. Kind of a bad change I think. The PS2 version is too easy early in the game. It gets hard later, but this game could stand to be harder. I haven't played the "Super cop" difficulty setting yet, but there's still a big different between playing a harder difficulty setting, and having it originally programmed to be hard. No big complaints though, very very cool game.

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