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Pete's Dragon (2016)


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My cousins had SFR, Herbie, and Davey Crocket. Now this is going back to the early 80s when some VHS tapes were priced at crazy expensive prices as "rentals" and you had to wait for the used copies to go on sale to actually own a Disney film on VHS--and to hear my parent's talk back in the day even those were the price of a new Caddy.


As for this new film--Elliot better roast some damn apples in this remake is all I'm saying. And I like they got Redford, but he's no Mickey Rooney.

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Yeah, feels like a different kind of movie. Feels like E.T. almost - in the sense that it looks like a kid trying to protect his freaky bud against the authority figures who are trying to take him (Elliot) away. Ah dunno - just an impression.


Might be a cool update. Still need that trailer that tells me what the movie is. Dunno if I'm feelin' that kid - Pete was more a bum, not a savage (Mowgli).

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