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Amy Schumer: Joke Thief

Da Cap'n 2099

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Rogan does most of the talking, and he covers most of the examples in the video you posted. I found his pov interesting since he was the vanguard for the Net attack which ultimately led to the decimation of Mencia's career. (Side note: Watching older videos by Rogan from 2006 or so on youtube about Mencia and Rogan linking his myspace page and talking about reading people's "twitters" about the South Park episode skewering Mencia and Kanye was a nice bit of nostalgia.)


Rogan mentioned how the sketch similarities are blatant and it could definitely be show writers stealing bits. He gave some good examples of how he saw this with TV writers back in the 90s in comedy clubs pre-Internet. The jokes from her HBO routine though are more suspect. He has a good rap on movie/TV vs comedy routines and why lifting jokes seems to be more egregious and less forgivable than lifting a scene or shot from another film/show.


Rogan and Burress both agreed that they like her and think she's talented. They both also believed she'll be fine and weather the controversy, and they both seem right. That video was posted back in late January 2016. When I googled "amy schumer joke thief" and "amy schumer steals" a bunch results did come up, but the latest article on it was dated early February 2016. So then I googled just "amy schumer" and nada came up about her stealing jokes on the front page or in the "related searches." The new season of her show is half way done and the world/Interwebs seems to have moved on from this. Your girl Amy, unlike the fake Mexican Mencia, appears to be Teflon when it comes to this.

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I actually saw the Rogan/Burress video first before seeing the one I posted. I got the sense that it wasn't that bad because they were pulling so many punches (Burress stated that they were friends and basically defended her/back off). Once I saw the other video, I realized shit was pretty bad.


I did agree with the "writers stealing material for shows" theory. That is totally plausible, but, still, how can you not do research or know? All the people working on those sets and in writer's rooms? SOMEONE had had to have seen/heard ONE of those acts/skits.

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shitty if true - haven't seen the videos yet, but didn't mencia kinda bite his whole shtick? feels like a bit further along the scale


also, has she said anything on the subject? it is indeed disappointing to see these things happen, but man, depending on timing/how well it's known/cared about, you can absolutely weather it. Dennis Leary all but took his entire routine from Bill Hicks, but sadly not enough folks know about the latter to care, so it never really mattered.

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