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Links to load up Songs (and Videos) onto your PC

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Hey HB, I have a few website that can be very useful to you guys, and it involves MP3s and MP4s! Here are the links I have to offer:


Youtube To MP3 Converter:



A quick and reliable source to load up any songs you like off of YouTube, it takes normally seconds to download the songs, but it can only carry videos up to 20 Minutes, so if you have a video that is over 20 Minutes, it won't convert the video.


Online Downloader:



A website that is dedicated to make MP3s and MP4s, it is my Go-To website to download shows, games, or just random videos off of YouTube, although you would need an account to convert links to MP3, but has no problem downloading and converting to MP4s.


Clip Converter:



Another website I enjoy using to convert videos with, does the same work as Online Downloader and YtMC.


NOTE: Sometimes certain videos may not download in one MP4 Converter, so usually the video should be able to be converted in the other. Also, the more HQ you put for the video, the longer it will take to download, as well as the more space it will take in the computer.



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oh yeah, i totally used one of those a while back to rip some rare Dilla tracks i coudn't find anywhere but youtube...i really should've done it with RTJ radio & Q-tip's show before apple took em down...

iId be interested if you'd point me at these tracks, I'm only familiar with 'Donuts'. Love it.

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