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  1. I'd like to bring up an anime that I'm currently watching that's REALLY GOOD right now. It's called Kakegurui (Lit. "Complusive Gambler"). The whole premise is that there's a school for wealthy students where the students are evaluated based on how good of a gambler they are, if they understand lip reading or bluffs and so forth. The students that lose when gambling get treated as slaves for the better gamblers, being called "Pochi" (Fido) or Mite (Kitty). Although the whole system of gambling is changed when a student enrolls to the school and begins to show the students what a real high roll
  2. I have recently decided to start watching Maison Ikkoku, considering I am a fan of Rumiko Takahashi's works. The into is so 1980s, I love it.
  3. Ace Combat was one of the first Video Games I ever played in my life. I would seriously buy a PS4 just for this game. This would give a sense of nostalgia for me...
  4. In a related news story, the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup draw was done today, where the Host nation, reigning champions and the 6 confederation winners were placed into groups for the "dress rehearsal" of the World Cup. The following groups were drawn: Group A- Russia, New Zealand, Portugal, Mexico Group B- Champions of Africa (Africa does not decide the continental champion until January 2017), Chile, Australia, Germany The opening match will be Russia vs New Zealand in Saint Petersburg, on June 17th.
  5. If you want to have genuine fun, go to the music room, pray to the turtle, switch on sanity animations, get katana or electric saw, and enjoy violently murdering students with gruesome ways.
  6. So, I think that the game Yandere Simulator deserves to have it's own thread here and it seems to have very high potential to be an excellent game. Before I explain about the game, I would have to explain the word Yandere. Yandere is a portmanteau of the word Yanderu, meaning Mental Illness, and Deredere, meaning Showing Affection, both Japanese Words. Essentially, it's someone who loves someone to the point that they would murder someone for that person. With that being said, Yandere Simulator allows you to play a Yandere called Ayano Aishi, who is an emotionless girl who has gone he
  7. I've never read the Manga, but I've heard that it's amazing. I really loved GTO.
  8. I also love "Always on my mind" and "ORT" from her. She's such an amazing singer.
  9. Here's the theme to 'Great Teacher Onizuka,' my favorite anime and the best anime I have ever seen. This one is regarded on MyAnimeList as #33 of all time. It's really worth the watch.
  10. I'm rooting for Spain, but I would sincerely hope to see Portugal win the World Cup
  11. So, the 21st World Cup is less than 2 Years away, and what better place to have it in than SOVIET UNION!t Russia! Russia is currently the only one up to now that is in, leaving 31 Spots up for grabs. Here is a current look at how the tables are in all Confederations, along with some predictions: Asia- Iran is leading Group A, with strong potentials Uzbekistan going in 2nd. Asian giants South Korea are in 3rd and are in the 5th Place play-off spot, while Syria, Qatar, and China are following. Group B is currently led by Saudi Arabia, with reigning Asia Cup Champions Australia behind by 2
  12. Usually when times get tough for me, I like to listen to this song. It speaks volumes to me.
  13. A nice tune to an anime dedicated towards Street Racing. I like the series, but it can get a little boring at points.
  14. The episode just left me feeling depressed. I mean, that episode did not hold back in making the viewers like us feel like shit. But it was a good start to Season 7.
  15. If this is made into a chain, it could help for people who are on the go or want something sweet without having to ruin their diet (if they have one).
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