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Clue is one of my favorite movies!! It's so fun, I absolutely adore it.


Same here. Timeless classic!


I also collect pins, 'specially Disney pins. They are so many of them...and are so freakin' collectible! I love / hate when I see a good one! LOL! Gotta have it - and damn you! Those look like 'em. I want that Blockbuster one! Are they tin / metal? They look like...plastic?



getting ready for the remake I see.





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Whodunnit? 20th Century Fox, apparently.

A Clue remake by Hasbro Studios is in the works, and although it was originally eyed by Universal, 20th Century Fox is now taking the reins on the murder mystery story, Tracking Board reports.

Clue premiered in theaters in 1985, putting a comedic, live-action take on the board game, created in 1948. The film was shot with three possible endings, which were presented in succession on the home video release. In 2011, Gore Verbinksi was down to produce, but now that Fox is in charge, it's unsure if the Pirates of the Caribbean director is still in.


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I dunno, I don't think you can replicate what the original achieved.


The only thing I could think of, that you can do w/ it is - that they could film an ending for every character...instead of just 3? Make it racially diverse? Reinvent the cast? Make Mr. Body a woman...? Ah, dunno. That's considered creative nowadays. (shrugs) People respond to that.


It taking place entirely in a mansion - and no FX, budget would really be for that all-star cast.


Next-gen Clue...Hugh Jackman as Mr. Peacock!





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I dunno, I don't think you can replicate what the original achieved.


Who says they even intend to try? This movie is a remake of Clue by virtue of there already being a Clue movie, but really it's just another in the line of misguided board game movies like Quija and Battleship. So yeah, it'll probably be bad, but I don't think it'll be bad because they're trying to recapture the magic of a box office flop that a handful of people adore.

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