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ToeJam & Earl - Back in the Groove


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^that's an earlier build, her'es a more recent one:



i kickstarted this one (along with Space Cowboy & others), for those that missed the Genesis classic it was this quirky hip hop roguelike that was an absolute 90's time capsule, and a lotta fun 2-player (nevermind how few roguelike games were on console back then). Panic on Funkotron was more an action game, and while the Menacer pack-in was fun for a bit, i still haven't played III on xbox yet. Dreamcast source code (found just last year!) aside, the franchise looked dead for quite a while now, so having Greg Johnson bring this back was one of my favorite announcements this gen, hands down.


between this & Wonder Boy, i'm feeling kinda spoiled as a classic sega fan.

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Like, NZA - I also haven't played part 3. Part 2 really was a different kinda game. Pretty much all my xp w/ TJ n' E is w/ the original. Surprised TJ n' E never made it to tv - w/ all it's...ultra 90s-ness - totally would've fit w/ the kinda stuff that was 'brought-to-life' on the small screen at the time.


I am seriously in love w/ the look of this game - it's right in my wheelhouse. Can't wait to run around this world.





Crazy how technically NZA, Cowboy 'and others' are responsible for making this happen...


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