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The Triumphant Debut Of Dj Misnomer

Reverend Jax

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So I got this crappy DJ program and I made what I think is a badass song. I am not responsible for creating any of the sounds on it, but I composed it, complied it, and mixed it. I didn't create any of the pieces, but I put them all together. Please download it and give me your thoughts (listen to the whole thing please, it's only 3:15). Here it is:


DJ Misnomer - The Spirit Of Remix.mp3


I've given myself the psuedonym 'DJ Misnomer.' 'Misnomer' means a word that is misnamed (like Jellyfish is a misnomer because Jellyfish aren't fish). Since I'm no DJ, I am DJ Misnomer.

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Hah, youre not up with MC Frontalot just yet...i dont know why i thoguht this was anythin but a Rush mix.

Not half bad for a first attempt, but ive heard better made on MTV music maker, for playstation....they gave you a lot better beats to work with & build upon.

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Not bad but I reckon the tools at your disposal let you down a bit. The beats, basslines and samples were all a bit '95 (unless you Americans have only evolved that far through dance music?!). I'd have lost a lot of the vocal samples, you virtually announced every change in the song, maybe you should let the music flow into the next bit rather than using what seems a diversionary tactic.



I did a pretty good one on MTV Music generator for Ps1 (I think it's the same one you mean IC, but it's just called 'Music' here, some licensing shit, is the one you mean made by Codemasters?) that Jont remixed even better, but I don't know of any way of transfering it to mp3. ???

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