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Red Dead Revolver


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The game just for the IC.



so goes the discription on gamespy.....


The Wild, Wild West is about to explode with Capcom's new 3D gun slinging epic -- Red Dead Revolver. Erupting from the imagination of Capcom and Angel Studios, PlayStation 2 gamers will have the chance to take on a slew of fat, sweaty hombres in what can best be described as Devil May Cry versus GunSmoke with attitude. Taking on the role of a ninja-hard cannon-twirler named Red, it's up to you to strike back at the sadistic bandits that claimed the lives of his beloved family many years ago. Raised and nurtured by a friendly Indian, Red has mastered the art of quick-drawing, pistol-wielding carnage, and he's all set to paint a few ghost towns, well, red.



Expect to skulk around tumbleweed-ridden towns, shacks, and plains as you quest to bring ultimate justice home. Not since the likes of Max Payne have extraordinarily intense gun battles been seen. Red can take down the baddies using the "Revolver" aiming mode which allows specific body location targeting to take place. If an overweight, boozed-up redneck is holding some buxom saloon wench hostage, you might wanna shoot his kneecaps out, or even give a few rounds between the eyes. Whatever your preference, Red Dead Revolver will offer up some fantastic and unfeasible bullet-fueled japes and capers. Who doesn't want a piece of that?


Storyline and character interaction details are still a little thin on the ground, but we'll be bringing you more on Red and his hang-em-high tactics later in the year.



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Ive been waitin to here more bout this one since it showed up at the last E3...even Capcom's website mentions nothin of it.


For a while, I was followin this one Activision had, then Sony bought called Gunslinger - a sort of open-ended western action game, like Way of the Samurai if youve played that one (you can be good buy, bad guy or neither depending on the acions you choose). It sounded really cool, but Sony bought the rights over a year ago and I havent heard bout it since.

Now this one shows up, similar graphic style but completely different setup/controls, and the E3 people were sayin just what this clip did - its a Western Devil May Cry, meaning dont look fo realism in the "where's the ammo?" and such, just shoot it if it moves. There were many comments about how cool the game moved & controlled, so im lookin forward to a demo sometime soon.

Im wodnerin if the March release date mentioned here is domestic or Japan...thanks Spiffy, lemme know if you find more on this one.

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Good to see some more western games come out, its kind of an untapped market really. Hell i don't think I've seen any western games come out since "Sunset Riders" back in the arcades then ported to SNES. Before that I think they only had those "Mad dog McRee" style quickdraw/shooter games.


Be really nice to see a really well done western action game.

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