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Ok a few ones have been recommended to me lately, was wonderin if anyone here has seen any of em, and has any insights..


Samurai Deeper Kyo - Keep seein mention of this one around, Lizi-chan said i should prolly check it out...doesnt look like a very long series either, anyone know bout it?


Wolf's Rain - Another lizi one, she says its by the same people as Cowboy Bebop...


Spriggan, Helsing, Arjura - Local comic shop dealer mentioned em, just wondering if anyone'd seem them.

Also, George (one of our voyeurs) hyped Outlaw Star once, im sure someone mentioned it...anyway, since Sango aint around as much lately, can anyone tell me a lil bit about some of these movies/series?

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Ok since this thread is destined to go unanswered (Spiffy hasnt seen many of em, Sango's nowhere to be found, and George & Cedrick, our 2 biggest anime people, are voyeurs), ill go ahead and ask s'more:


Golgo 13: Queen Bee - Yeah, this is all me, just curious if the new one's any good, used to think he was a really cool character.


Ninja Ressurection: Revenge of Jubei - I saw part one of this (series?), was ok, not as good as Ninja Scroll but was good to see Jubei, if even for the last few minutes. I'm told its one of two or more in a series, no idea how long it goes on but im pretty sure the 2nd one's out, just wondering if anyone follows it.


Vampire Hunter D - I know Amano's involved, does this one live up to the hype?

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Spiffy dont like it if it dont got mechs...


Timbo, about that Samurai Deeper Kyo thing, was recommended to me for liking Kenshin....it's not too expensive on VCD either, thinkin bout gettin it when ive got more $....take a look.


Oh, and on "Wolf's Rain" - brought to you by the same people as Cowboy Bebop, so you might wanna check this one out too, Jax....here's a current acution with some info.

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right... you gotta look no further than newtype if you wanna speak mech.


both of those look really cool - i could go for it. you probably already know this, but that guy with wolf's rain is right down your alley, fort worth. Sad to see it's got only 3 eps, though. oh yeah, i forgot to mention, you probably liked that god/philosophy episode on cowboy bebop too, right?

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Oh that...yeah struck an Evangelion cord for a second, was fun.

I think Wolf's Rain is still ongoing is the only thing that keeps me from gettin it at this point - ask Lizi-chan if you see her, she's the one who told me bout it.

As for Samurai Deeper Kyo, ill pick that one up soon as i have the $, if its good ill pass it on your way.

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