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Maaaaan, I'd love for Marvel to do what DC does / has been doing - taking classic / iconic storylines and giving us an animated treatment...hell, I'd take a professional motion comic version of Maximum Carnage...(a personal dream project of mine.)


I guess Marvel is already using / has used a lot of 'classic' stuff - but, I'd love legit animated comic-accurate-adaptions of the Infinity War / Gauntlet, Dark Phoenix / Civil War...man, how 'bout an animated Age of Apocalypse flick?  Spidey's Clone Saga? (yes, I went there - but, hey...)


^ These Disney XD flash-in-the-pan ventures don't ever seem to last.  I mean, I get it - they get their audience, I'm fine w/ their existence - but I'd love to see Marvel take-up what DC does, animated feature-wise.

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Yeah, Iron Man was hideous...LOL  I was shocked, even back then.  Those 'Hulk vs' are great.  I was hopeful for more comic / story adaptions when 'Planet Hulk' became a thing.  Epicness of epicness would be an animated 80s Secret Wars movie...


It's to the point where, you blink - and DC has dropped 3 new animated features on the shelf - LOL!  Crazy.  I know Marvel still does sum animated feature stuff - I've seen stuff on Netflix (like, Black Widow?  Punisher?)  Nothing really 'Holy Shit!'


Hopefully, w/ 'Into the Spider-verse' - Marvel will see the full potential of the animated feature front.

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yeah, DC has pretty much had vastly superior adaptations - in the early aughts, i'd argue that DC desperately needed their own take on Ultimate universe (streamlined for easier access to new readers, etc) and bishopcruz would argue that DCAU was just that.  i loved classic Batman & Superman cartoons, but a few years back we ran through Justice League Unlimited  & Young Justice and i was just floored how many corners of their universe were included - Kirby's stuff, Jonah Hex & the classic western books, The Question etc.  


even now -  where the animation budget clearly took a hit, and the post New 52 DCAU feels hit or miss sometimes - most major book events feel like they get some form of an adaptation.  there's so many marvel events from years gone by - Secret Invasion, House of M, Infinity etc - that i think would be so much better across a half or full season of a show, but we get nothing. 


it's upsetting, and i want to blame Jeph Loeb somehow. 

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