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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - PUBG


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I know you all know what this game is: battle royale-style shooter. Played solo, in a duo, or up to 4 man squad. Drop from 'plane, big map - grab weapons - last man alive wins. Played in first person or third.

Surprised there is no thread on the game. Those of you too poor to have a PC also have the ability to run a shittier version of it on XBOX.

Anyone having as much fun and salt with this game as I am?

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The surpising thing is how hard it pumps my heart and how tense it gets once you're in the last 10. I wish it was a bit more ARMA-like as apparently the designer came from those background. It does annoy me when people can spam the jump button whilst you're sniping them.

It's crazy how an indie company became the biggest game on PC with so many millions playing it. 

Re DOOM and Wolf: I've not played either, did see DOOM in the Steam sales but it took up too much disk space I didn't have at the time

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