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Irrational Fears: Things that keep you up at night


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Sort of a spin off of the CREEPY thread. What scares you enough that just thinking about it freaks you out?


The dark in general scares me, but if I'm in a dark room (usually just passing through at night to the next) I'm afraid a frail old woman will come screeching and cackling out of the shadows.



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this is a good thread, even if i can't think of anything offhand at the moment...i guess there's stuff like the fear i'll leave the sliding glass door open and one of our cats will plunge to her death :???:


also it doesn't keep me up at night but running my fingers through different kinds of containers of powder (like protein/etc) gives me the heebie jeebies and i don't know why 

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I have pretty severe emetophobia. It's a fear of vomiting, or seeing/hearing/smelling someone else vomit. My fear of throwing up is so bad, I've trained my body not to (super unhealthy, wouldn't recommend it). I've been through bouts of food poisoning, stomach viruses, etc. and I WILL NOT let it happen. 


I haven't thrown up in nineteen years!


I've talked to a therapist about it and I've been trying to be more relaxed about it, but it's difficult. When the nausea hits, the irrational anxiety takes over. I have full blown panic attacks at the thought of vomiting. I also can't be around anyone who is throwing up. NZA had a bad stomach virus once and I hid on the balcony for most of that day. :( It sucks not being able to care for someone you love when they're ill. 


You can imagine how hard it is for me as a teacher of small children who don't have a lot of control over their bodily functions! It's kind of a nightmare. Whenever one claims to have a tummy ache I either isolate them as far from me as possible or immediately send them to the office. 


Yeah I should make a priority of dealing with this.

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