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Batman: The Animated Series

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Batman: The Complete Animated Series on bluray releases on October 16th!




Tonight at Comic-Con in San Diego, Warner Bros. introduced its upcoming Blu-ray release of the newly remastered Batman: The Complete Animated Series. The box set will be available for purchase on October 16 for $112.99.

Special Features and Technical Specs:

  • REMASTERS of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero
  • NEW Heart of the Batman - featurette (60 min)
  • Select Audio Commentaries
  • Three Funko Pops
  • Deluxe Art Book







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    We got this fucker pre-ordered.  This is like, mandatory - for any self-respecting collector / Bat / cartoon fan.  This will eventually be on your shelf.


    I forget where - but, Alx found a spot where they have it for $100 - flat.  I think we had it on Amazon for awhile for $112 - but, she found a 'deal' someplace just this morning.  I'll report back w/ more info.


    I couldn't get into Young Justice - but, yeah - JL absolutely holds up.  I binged the entire series a few years back...it's non-stop awesome.  That's been on blu.  I need to pick that up.


    Man, here's hoping this creates buzz and X-Men gets a blu treatment...and other quality 80s / 90s toon shows.  Still waiting for Spidey the Animated Series on freakin' DVD!

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