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Cricket's World Cup


Who will win cricket's World Cup?  

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Well, it's sputtered and faltered it's way here, through sponsorship rows and terrorism fears and political pressure and numerous injuries. But it's Here.


On Feb 9th West INdies take on South Africa and the greatest cricket show on earth gets underway.


Between the Guyanese and the Europeans I figure we should have enough interest in cricket to make a poll here at DD.


I went for New Zealand cuz I don't think anyone's beaten them in the last 2 years. Conditions in NZ have changed a lot. THey have bouncy pitches with pace and they are used to south african-like conditions. Plus I'm a great fan of pace bowling and Shane Bond is my current favorite (Akhtar and Lee are faster, sure, but not better.)


If any of you have no idea what 'cricket' or 'pace' are, or are thinking "Didn't we just have the World cup?", then I doubt you'll ever get it. Just shake your head and move on...

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...is this, like, a baseball thread?



[i also wish to let you all know that I am a jackass who enjoys shoving baseball bats up my chute. Hey Yahve, can we have ::jackass:: smilies? Don't forget the ::mohawk:: smilies for our good, dear friend Imam]

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OK, so I feel the need to keep this theead active. Even though I''m the only one interested. IC will post just to say shit like "But it's not even a real sport." Actually Mr. Irish Cow it's the 3rd most popular sport in the world after Soccer and fucking (in that order).


One of my friends suggested today that having Rahul Dravid as wicketkeeper hurst India's chances cuz he keeps missing catches and stumpings. any comments?

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Pakistan crashed and burned against the mighty Australians today.


I gotta say those Aussies are worth every cent of praise they get. They bowled so tight. Nothing loose.


And they were playing without Warne, Lehmann and Bevan.


Poor Warne. He got ahold of some steroids in his cough syrup and now he's been kicked off the team. I like his bowling. I was looking forward to seeing him. Especially now that Shane Bond and New Zealand seem destined for an early exit.

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England kicked the shit outta Pakistan today. Unfortunately for Pakistan, that means that they'll probably not make it to the second round since Australia kicked their ass too.


And South Africa are just barely hangin in there. To get in they;ll need some other teams' games to the right way.


My pick, NZ is doing well. they should win their group, Unless WI beat Sri Lanka.


West INdies should qualify. the only way they won't is if they lose to Sri Lanka AND South africe beat Sri Lanka.


SO WI and NZ are doing OK, I'm happy.

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Well, Kenya took down Sri Lanka today. That means that Group B is wide open. South Africa have a great chance to into the Super Six if they beat Sri lanka.


Australia won again today. Pakistan has to win every game form now on to qualify, including one against India.

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Yeah, the Pakistani will be pissed if the go out early. Seems likely though, so they better get used to it.


They do tend o behave badly, the fans. effigy burnings, death threats etc have been very common. HELL the national cricket commision is headed by an army general, so that tells you a whole lot....


The Windies need to win a hard game against Sri Lanka on Friday and then against Kenya, and they're in.

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