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Age of X-Man


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X-Man is the shit.  I was all over X-Man back in the day.


Still got quite a few issues - cross-overs...solo-stuff...even a 2-parter where he teams up w/ Spidey and they take on Electro.  Fold-out cover...Electro 'dies' in that one...think they knock him into the Hudson?  "He couldn't have survived that!"


X-Man is fuckin' cool.  Fan-favorite, too.  Here-here.



I have no idea wutz goin' on in the world of comics today - I have been curious, tho.  (The fuck is Disassembled?)


It just feels like shit gets rebooted every 3 years...doesn't really drive me to invest in any stories.  Feels like an endless sea of one-shots...sure, the stories alone might be kewl...but, I'm such a fan of continuity and connected-ness...big ol' universe.  I'd give this a shot - maybe it'll be an attractive window into current X-Men stuffs - and get me in.


I have no idea who half the 'Spidey's' are...in that Spider-verse flick.  I'm that behind.  I can point out Spider-Gwen(?) in a line-up, but I couldn't give you an origin or anything.


LOL - think you know comics?  Listen in on NZA and Panch as they browse through a comic shop...




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yeah that's 100% the direction it looks like to me as well (which is solid, ellis' final arcs went over better in my mind than, say, seeing nate back again as osborn's prisoner in dark avengers/siege where they clearly had no plan for him)...again it's just hard for me to see how they don't make him like the sentry or something likewise that needs to be conquered  

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Yeah I was gonna ask- because it's been more than a decade and a half since I read the stuff that wasn't Burning Tyger- whether the evil arc you mentioned was the Dark Avengers stuff or back then because, to be clear he wasn't evil so much as being manipulated by the Goblin Queen. 


I mean, we now have the Watcher/ Nick Fury's role but that's effectively what Ellis had set him up as when the series ended.

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yeah, and i kinda hate fury in that role, too....


oh, i just meant evil as in what dan slott/peter david did by bringing ben reilly back & driving him mad, like hey let's bring some 90s dudes back and slip their roles - x-man is now like the void, etc.  again really hoping i'm wrong here 

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