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In a video during today’s retailer panel at C2E2 in Chicago, acclaimed writer Donny Cates announced ABSOLUTE CARNAGE—Marvel’s epic summer event!

Beginning in Free Comic Book Day's SPIDER-MAN/VENOM #1 (out May 5), the blockbuster event starts in August (although fans will see the threads reaching as far back as AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #252, with connections to almost every Venom and Carnage story since) and re-teams Cates with VENOM's Ryan Stegman and colorist Frank Martin for the deadliest story in the Marvel Universe!

Absolute Carnage

“Cletus Kasady is back, and he is deadlier than he’s ever been,” Cates teases in the video announcement. “ABSOLUTE CARNAGE encompasses every single character who has ever worn a symbiote and every symbiote that has ever been, going all the way back to when Peter found the black suit. Going from there to MAXIMUM CARNAGE to VENOMIZEDto everything…everyone is a target.”

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more about ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, including news from this year’s Marvel Comic panels at C2E2.

This summer, no Super Hero is safe…everyone is a target!



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so issue 1 - that carnage redesign is...something

ive been realizing the bigger tale cates has been on here - knull, all of it - feels like it's not for me, but part of me has known since reading planet of the symbiotes as a kid that the larger story usually feels like something of a dead end.  i mean bendis/co expanding on the suit's culture with flash thompson was conceptually neat, but in a way that was obvious no one at marvel was gonna really follow much after it. 


i'm gonna keep reading cause it looks like a fun ride, but every few years something new is done with carnage (superior, deadpool fight etc) where i realize i just really liked him in ASM # 361-363 the most, and even by the end of maximum carnage he was kinda wearing thin


still though - axels you gonna really read all the spin-offs? i saw 2 just dropped today, be interested to see your impressions here 

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Yeah, I've been with Cates' Venom since #1 and haven't missed an issue. I love what he has done with both Eddie and the Symbiote character-wise. I feel like they have more depth than ever. Broken Eddie is someone you are really rooting for. So on that front it's all great and I'm interested to see how much more of that ties into Absolute.


As for the event itself, it really benefits to read a lot of the lead ups (Cult of Carnage especially sets the stage. And the last one featuring Mania has some really cool stuff.) I gotta hit the shop today for the new issues, but I'm loving all of the horror elements. I'm hoping Cates can work his magic here and hopefully expand on Carnage to make him more interesting.


Re: the redesign, I like spindly, lanky carnage. He's weaaring that dragon symbiote so it makes sense he would look different.

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Absolute Carnage 2 and sidebooks:


Scream is pretty cool, but Seperation Anxiety with the life foundation symbiotes taking over the family was terrifying. 


Deadpool vs. Carnage is of course a lot of fun. A good cooldown after some of the more intense storylines.


Lethal Protectors with Misty Knight was creepy also. They are really pushing the horror vibes and I love it. Looks like Iron Fist and Morbius are joining her in the next issue of that one.


I love The Maker being a player in Venom also. I havent read Secret Wars, but I like evil creepy Reed Richards.




Poor Scorpion, but more importantly POOR MILES. That was rough. I like Carnage with a mission though, and showing him interacting with "himself" through Norman makes him a bit more interesting.




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agreed on all fronts - issue 2 was the kinda dumb fun i'd want from an event like this, and usually i see carnage more nerfed.  here he's clearly overpowered, but no less vicious than he should be


no idea how long they'll leave gargan dead, but miles can't stay out for long...poor kid though.  the maker is a weird ultimate universe leftover that im never sure how i feel about, but im down to see his hand in this.  norman as cletus' minion is something new for me as well.


lethal protectors sounds dope right now.  is seperation anxiety a new thing, or are you referring to the old venom book? cause that (and again, planet of the symbiotes) were all i remember of scream

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Re Seperation Anxiety: Its a new thing where the Symbiotes from the old story get Spiraled and it basically becomes an alien texas chainsaw family horror show.


That's another thing I'm loving is how... juicy everything is. Seriously, these have the most gore I've seen in Marvel stories before.

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