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So since I am using HBO for GoT at the moment I decided to start watching Barry with Bill Hader. So far it's pretty great. Breaking Bad in reverse has been what Ive heard it described as, and kind of accurate. Barry is a hitman that decides to become an actor after a severe bout of depression. 30 min eps make it an easy watch. Recommended if you are already using HBO. 

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Good on you for discovering this show, Axels. It's one of my faves, too. Bill Hader has always been funny in my book, but he's getting that Robin Williams level cred for drama now with this series. Anyone else who hasn'r jumpe don this series, definitely give it a try.


On 5/2/2019 at 5:44 AM, the division of joy said:

I'm loving this, Bill Hader is fucking excellent in this as is the guy who plays Noho Hank.


I've last weeks episode to watch (as I've been consumed with GoT and GoT related excitement) this week and its shaping up to be another excellent season.


He's maybe my favorite character in the show. Loved that whole scene on the bus and afterwards in S2E7. I hope I see this actor in more stuff. I literally know him for only two roles: as Mr. Zsaz in Gotham and as Hank in Barry. Both are wildly different characters and both are utterly riveting in their own ways.


And this cast is great. Root, Winkler, the whole lot at the drama school--fantastic.

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The entire season 3 of this show was bloody stressful to watch. Such a gripping show that I can't help but think makes Dexter look like the 'emo Barry' by comparison. It's probably unfair but I recall Dexter trying to balance whimsy and intense drama in a similar way that always ends in an internal monologue.


Landing where the set pieces did at the end of S03, I'd be happy if they left it there but apparently it's coming back for S04 so I'm curious what you guys are expecting.

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