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damn, did we not have a thread for this?  search is always crap so maybe i just missed it


anyone else playing this?  i borrowed space cowboy's PS5 copy, just took down the first main baddie (you know which one) and i'm still early on but it's a mixed bag so far - the demos really give you most of the first act.  the lycanthropic bad guys are interesting & the angles they use to sneak up on you when exploring the doomed village helps, you can tell they're trying to channel RE4-but-different vibes pretty much from the title.  you don't get much more time in the obligatory mansion beyond what the demo gives you, though there's clearly a lot left so we'll see...i'm actually pretty fond of that setting, as well as haunted houses like we had for much of 7. 


after dying too many times from some gimmicky rooms ("waste ammo for a while until you realize you have to run over here and survive for a bit until the game opens a door for you" etc) i started using a guide and switched over to casual mode, it's going better since then.  i know no one plays RE for the stories, and on one hand i'm still glad we're past wesker/etc but i wasn't expecting the plot to continue directly from 7, and feature so much of chris?  man lemme get back to this one before saying more.

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