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I only discovered these guys a few years ago but have since become a rather huge fan of their silliness, funny clothyes and cool as f**k music. Probably most known for Whip it (used in Casino) and Beautiful World (cover of it to be found on Rage Against the Machine covers album), these guys covered every area of science and society from Darwin to repression. I love 'em and I hope you do too.


Q: Are we not men?


A: We are DEVO



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I remember when I first started posting here I made a Devo crack and it pissed you off. Sinc ethen I've listened to them and take back anything I've said about them. More bands like Devo an the music industry wouldn't be such a barren creative wasteland. More bands like them, They Might Be Giants, Primus adn Ween.


I like Jocko Homo and Speed Racer.

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Everyone knows Primus because they did the Theme to South Park. That gives you a little idea of where they're coming from, but some track to check out are Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, and Tommy The Cat.


But back to Devo, you heard Jocko Homo and Speed Racer? What other tracks would you recommend.

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Umm Devo tracks? Try 'Mongoloid', their cover of Rolling Stones' 'Satisfaction', 'Smart Patrol/Mr DNA' (one track) and 'Jerkin' Back and Forth' for starters.


You told me people like to suffer

You told me thats the way it is

You said that things were getting better

You said I should accept all this......

- Jerkin' Back and Forth

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