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was just watchin the music video of this movie - really a great ballad as the love theme.....


anyway, i'd just like to know some opinions of on what the story meant to you. AKA -- this WHOLE post is a SPOILER --------SPOILER --------- SPOILER ------------- However you want, just take the movie apart and put it together, or just say how you felt about it after seeing it.


when i first saw the movie, i thought of it as a culture filled movie of love. sure it had some action and commedy in there, but it's basically a sappy love story with culture, culture, culture. of course the flying/floating totally threw me off. actually, i came to find out that it's pretty traditional to do this flying bs in old kung fu flicks. but normally it's really, really tacky. in cthd, it is almost given a dreamy look to it. i think it fits pretty well - the movie might as well be a dream.


that's where my further viewings brings me. a spoiled girl's dream. a little brat to be so arrogant and selfish. how many mistakes are too many? there are so many different directions this young girl is pulled towards. you kinda feel sorry for her... even though she's a BRAT.


I feel the ending isn't so much a resolution, but more of a reminder of culture and myth. It was something that didn't give closure and i wish it did.


so - why do you think she's a brat - why not? how did you feel after seeing it?

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As i said over in "subtitled movies" in response to Spongebob's dumb ass...

youre right, the tightwire thing is hong-kong flick alla way. Not only was effect god Woo-Ping Yuen in top form, but Chow and Michelle Yeoh - largely action starts - played up the drama a lot better than i expected them too, i even recall Yeoh saying the two didnt know much Mandarin and had to learn it for the movie.

The ending, the flow of the movie - it felt like a kabuki play to me, all the tragedy intact. It is lyrical & dreamlike, i agree, and the way it was pulled off was top-notch; it deserved all the awards it got. At its heart, this was a fairy tale.

But youre right about the sappy love story part, even tho i found that element strong at parts as well.

Of course she was a brat, to play the reluctant heroine of sorts...also made Yeoh & Chow's stoicism that much stronger. In the end, she was humbled, as many such charcters would be in traditional chinese stories like this one. Id like to think she was far less the brat in the end, especially after Chow's sacrifice.


Having recently seen Iron Monkey...the fights were great, and it had many such kung fu flick elements to a tee, but this one had the style & grace Spiffy's talkin about...again, easily one of my favorites of the last few years, wish there were more like it.

(you meant the coco lee music vid right?)

What did you feel was missing from the end; did you want the chick to end up with her desert guy, or off to hone her skills or somethin? From my perspective, if it was anythin less than tragic, it wouldnt have followed the kabuki style of "fate" & such i mentioned earlier...

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She was a brat, but no more than Luke Skywalker ("But I was going to go to the the Toshi station to pick up some power converters!" :D ), the major difference being that she was on the dark side, if you wanna use that parallel. Luke bratness didn't hurt Star Wars, and this young girl's bratness didn't hurt CTHD. Nick says it was a fairy tale, I think of it more as a myth because of it's epic nature. What I liked most about this movie were the strong female leads. All the female characters were well developed and had strong personalities. Lots of movies', particularly action movie', female roles are not very developed characters.

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I feel that it shoulda fast forwarded and she did something to be proud of herself and others; something to be remembered by. then a cool flashback with cutscenes of chow and yeoh and their adventures - fighting and all that cool shit. then jump off. then that would be just kick ass.

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