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Return To Monkey Island


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I was hesitant to say anything about this the other day when the initial announcement went out (on April Fool's Day), but





So far it's confirmed that MI, MI2, and MI3 are canon. The voice actors are returning, the composers are returning. IT'S COMING THIS YEAR, THIS IS NOT A DRILL


The original announcement on Ron Gilbert's blog from Friday: https://grumpygamer.com/april_fools_2022

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completely outta fuckin' nowhere


i saw that same teaser but somehow missed that it's ron gilbert.  holy shit, this is gonna be so cool, i had to play catch up with so many of these games and being here at release (before all the puzzles/etc are solved) sounds awesome! 


still wish the remakes got put to a collection/disc, and while we're at it, i'd like a time machine so i can have a chance to get the big box versions of some SCUMM classics without paying a fortune



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Noah Falstein on Return to Monkey Island: "What Ron and Dave have done I fully expect will be the subject of Masters and PhD theses for years to come"


And the thing that amazed me most I experienced in the first ten minutes of the game and I can't talk about it because... Ron and Dave managed to do something I would have thought was impossible in terms of storytelling and they pull it off I think admirably.


It'll be worth the wait even if people are raving about parts they don't like. Because this will certainly excite. There's plenty in there to discuss for years to come.

I actually had a kind of a vision as I was looking at this and thinking about some of the elements of storytelling in it. That, at the Game Developers conference every year they now do a poster session for students who have been studying games and they will talk about a game and they, you know, are analysing it and I realized what they have done with Return to Monkey Island I fully expect will be the subject of Master's and PhD thesis in times to come.


Just because there're so many interesting ways of telling a story and exploration of what an interactive storytelling is all about that, you know, on a very serious scholarly level. Not to make this sound stuffy at all, but it's just so deep that I think that people will find it fascinating for years to come.


thoughts? i just want a release date already


one going theory is it picks up right after the ending of 2 & establishes a multiverse of sorts

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