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Help me find a new ISP


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My mother's company is finally moving off of AOL.


I need to get information on other ISP's that hopefully are cheaper than $23.00+ a month with very simple services. I don't even need e-mail, we have a website for the company that provides 25 email accounts no prob.


Unfortunately I can't use DSL or I would, so scratching that out... what companies are good out there? How much do they cost? Personal experience w/ them??

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So...so can or your cant you use DSL?

Anyway, back in miami (when i was livin in the FIU apartments years ago) i used a few...Cybergate ripped me off, but Mindspring was fair at the time. Id always calll and say i heard the add on Zeta & theyd give me the 1st month free...not sure that works anymore. Anyway, they were cheap. Netzero now has a small pay service that's supposed to be ok for modem users. Not sure who else there is outside of network/lan connetions.

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Me and kym both go through the phone company here and its about $14.00/mo and pretty reliable. Never did use the phone company in miami but its worth checking out. When your ISP is in charge of your land lines into the house its usually pretty crash resistant. B)

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yeah, Bellsouth offers $16.00+ a month for basic dial up, but I think it requires you switching phone plans to fit their requirements. Plus, my mom uses SupraTelecom, its cheaper.


I heard about NetZero's $10.00 a month thing, sounds good, but when I visited the site it made me think that there was a catch to it. They were using all these small print words about "possible fees" & "additional charges". I'll have to look into it more.


I think Mindspring got swallowed by Earthlink. Earthlink's about $20.00 a month now.

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